Our Story:

Hello tea friends, I am so glad you are here! My name is Emily Frondarina-Deitz the founder of Gratitude Tea House. My passion for tea started when I began studying at Cal State Fullerton. Each morning I would wake up early, make myself a fresh cup of tea and spend time in the presence of God; reading His word, worshipping and praying before going to school. This practice helped me grow in my relationship with God by making him a priority in my life. It also encouraged me to have a healthier lifestyle.

The idea to start a tea company came about in the summer of 2020. The Lord put it on my heart and I knew it was something he wanted to me to pursue. I began the journey of listening to God and being patient for his timing and not my own. During those 2 years I grew a deep passion for making Jesus known and helping believers focus on healthy and wholesome living. I often would go to farmers markets to test out different teas and learn about their health benefits. One thing I noticed while shopping around was that there weren’t many Christ-centered tea companies, instead I saw more tea companies focused on spiritualism. This was heavy on my heart and I knew the Lord was leading me to be a light in a dark place. 

In conclusion, Gratitude Tea House was birthed to invite people into daily encounters with Jesus while enjoying their favorite cup of tea and experiencing major health benefits. We value authenticity and consistency to provide organic, handcrafted and fresh packaged tea for your health needs. We believe our tea will not only help you live a healthier lifestyle but it will also encourage you to live more wholesome. We pray over each package and believe by faith that God will heal bodies, restore minds and refresh souls. 

Hope you enjoy!