About our MATCHA 🍵✨

At Gratitude Tea House, our Gratitude Matcha is more than just a beverage; it's a testament to our commitment to quality and faith. Sourced from a small farm in Uji, Japan, our matcha is cultivated with care and tradition. We believe in the power of prayer, so we pray over our tea leaves and every package that leaves our hands, trusting that God will use our brand to refresh hearts and restore godly relationships. Our matcha is fully authentic and is cared for by some of the greatest farmers, ensuring that each sip is filled with organic goodness and the potential for enhanced focus and energy. Get your Gratitude Matcha today and begin your journey to healthy and joyful living <3


Ceremonial vs Others

When it comes to matcha, not all grades are created equal. Ceremonial grade matcha stands out from lower grade options, such as culinary matcha, in several key ways:

  • Quality: Ceremonial matcha is made from the youngest tea leaves, harvested at the peak of their flavor and nutrition. This results in a smoother, more delicate flavor compared to culinary matcha.
  • Color: Ceremonial matcha boasts a vibrant green color, indicating high chlorophyll content and superior quality, while culinary matcha tends to be duller and more yellowish.
  • Texture: Ceremonial matcha is finely ground to a powder, creating a smooth and velvety texture when whisked with water. In contrast, culinary matcha is coarser and may have a gritty texture.
  • Taste: Ceremonial matcha offers a nuanced and complex flavor profile, with subtle sweetness and umami notes. Culinary matcha, while still pleasant, may have a more bitter or astringent taste.

The first harvest of the year, known as the "first flush," yields the highest quality matcha. During this time, the tea plants have stored up nutrients over the winter, resulting in leaves that are rich in flavor and antioxidants. Our matcha is ceremonial grade as we believe the best quality is always best for our customers.

Ceremonial Matcha